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Editorial Ethics moderation

Moderation in Moderation: Exploring the Ethics Around Social Media Moderation

Some content will always have to be moderated. No one, for instance, would argue against a marketplace like eBa

UGC Editorial

What FOSTA SESTA Means for Product Leaders

For the product leaders at online marketplaces and social platforms, the boogeyman has taken on a new form: FOS

AI Editorial

Is Artificial Intelligence Better Than Human Recognition?

There has been a lot of fun poked at image recognition lately. Facial recognition can be fooled with mannequins

Editorial Ethics

Content Moderation & Human Rights: How AI Can Help

Recently, as part of the New York Human Rights Watch Film Festival, I attended a screening of The Cleaners, a m


From the Human Eye to AI: A Brief History of Vision

Read on as our VP of Product, Rajesh Talpade takes us on a short trek through time with his piece From the Huma


Design And UX For An AI-First World

Remember when people were writing about designing mobile-first products? Now, at the frontier of one of the pos

Editorial Ethics

Clarifai’s A.I. Code of Ethics, or How to Prevent a Robot Apocalypse

Most people don’t consider that artificial intelligence, before becoming “smart,” is first trained by human bei