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Train a Custom Visual Recognition Model Using Clarifai's Python Client

Last week, our v2 API graduated from developer preview to general availability. Don’t they grow up so fast?! As

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Compete For Glory and Prizes at the Clarifai AI Hackathon

Join us this Saturday, August 13th, for a day of merriment, hacking, and sweet prizes at the Clarifai x General

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Inside NYC's First AI Hackathon, Hosted by Clarifai x General Assembly

The robots have won, thanks to the geniuses at this year’s Clarifai x General Assembly Artificial Intelligence

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Build A Command Line App That Sorts Your Photos by Quality

With our new Landscape Quality and Portrait Quality models, photographers can now quickly identify which images

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How Visual Similarity and Custom Metadata Can Enhance Your Search

Data can be thought of simply as a thing we want to remember for future use. Metadata helps describe the data w

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Search Images By Visual Similarity with the Clarifai API

When you’re searching for images, words are often not enough to find exactly what you need. Wouldn’t it be amaz

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Getting Started with Search by Geolocation

Fact: Clarifai’s Search API allows you to search your images and video by visual similarity. Lesser known fact:

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One Thousand Captcha Photos Organizes With A Neural Network

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into organizing photos by visual similarity in three steps: embedding via a neu

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How to Demo Your Localhost App Using NGROK

Ngrok is a reverse proxy that allows you to expose your locally running web service to other developers. It’s a

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Build Your Own Visual Similarity App With Clarifai’s Face Embedding Model

We’re excited to release our new Face Embedding model which you can use for organizing, filtering, and ranking

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Clarifai Featured Hack: Check a Company's Commitment to Diversity with Diversif.AI

It’s common knowledge that there is a diversity problem in the tech industry. However, there’s a big gap from a

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Five Mind-Blowingly Intelligent AI Apps Built on Clarifai, Featuring MongoDB, Instagram, & More

With all the innovative applications and awesome educational resources that our community has been creating, we