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Computer Vision Retail

3 Ways AI is Improving the Retail UX

Every retailer knows that delivering a satisfying, frictionless shopping experience is key, and consumer expect

Computer Vision moderation

More Than NSFW: Moderation in Action

Often, when we discuss moderation, we talk only about blocking NSFW (not safe for work) content. However, for m

Computer Vision Developers Built With Clarifai

Halloween at Clarifai HQ: How we built our Spooky or Not Model

Happy Halloween! This year, to celebrate, a few members of the Clarifai team built an app that tells you how sp

Computer Vision

Facial Recognition 101: Use Cases and How It Works

Of the many ways that artificial intelligence can be applied, few have caused more stir than facial recognition

Computer Vision UGC AI moderation

5 Ways AI is Improving the Travel Industry

Whether it’s for work or leisure, these days, people want a more personalized and streamlined experience when b

Computer Vision AI

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Art World

  Picasso, Van Gogh, AI? Since artificial intelligence (AI) seeks to mimic human intelligence, it’s natural tha

AI Computer Vision Business

Tech Giants vs Independent AI Companies: 5 Questions to Ask

Big Tech, the Big Four or GAFA. Whatever you decide to call them, Google (owned by Alphabet Inc.), Amazon, Face

Computer Vision

What is Computer Vision & Why Should Businesses Care About This Form of AI?

At its most basic, computer vision (CV) is a form of artificial intelligence that enables computers to see. Tod

Computer Vision Business

5 Industries Being Revolutionized by Computer Vision

Because of all the confusion around the technology, it’s easy to miss all the positive impact artificial intell

Computer Vision Interview Case Study

How Computer Vision Is Impacting Content Management

Picturepark specializes in content management solutions for brands and agencies across the world. Their mission

AI Computer Vision

5 Myths About Artificial Intelligence

It’s been over six decades since computer scientist John McCarthy first coined the term Artificial intelligence

Computer Vision

How to Prove the ROI of Computer Vision Moderation

While other forms of AI are still in their infancy, one field of AI is already in practical use by businesses: