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Developers Built With Clarifai Computer Vision

Halloween at Clarifai HQ: How we built our Spooky or Not Model

Happy Halloween! This year, to celebrate, a few members of the Clarifai team built an app that tells you how sp

Developers Built With Clarifai Developer Tutorials

Spooky SMS & AI with Twilio and Clarifai

Introduction Last week, a few of us here at Clarifai created a "Spooky or Not" app for Clarifai’s October hack

Developers Built With Clarifai

How iLingual Uses Computer Vision AI to Translate and Learn Languages

Omar Alexander Abbas and Raymona Singh are the creators of iLingual, a free app that enables users to learn lan

Built With Clarifai

Nextatlas Uses Clarifai's AI to Detect Maternity Fashion Trends

When researcher and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology PhD candidate Anna Anisimova decided to do a resear

Built With Clarifai

Clarifai Featured Hack: Use AI to Tune-Up Your Online Dating Profile

If it feels like you’re putting in a lot of swiping to get one good date, it might be because of your profile p

Built With Clarifai

Clarifai Featured Hack: Val.AI Is a Parking App For Your Self-Driving Car

What are self-driving cars supposed to do after they’re done driving you? It’s not a trick question, it’s a rea

Built With Clarifai

Clarifai Featured Hack: Recyclodroid is a Recycling Robot Made of Recycled Materials

The Recyclodroid is an advanced robotic device that uses image recognition as it moves around to determine if o

Built With Clarifai

How Vintage Cloud Uses Clarifai's Visual Recognition API to Archive and Document Old Films

Vintage Cloud is the fastest way to preserve, digitize and monetize your film assets. Based on Steenbeck’s lege

Built With Clarifai Case Study

How Photobucket Uses Image Recognition to Protect Its Community From Unwanted Content


Developers Built With Clarifai

Clarifai Featured Hack: Check a Company's Commitment to Diversity with Diversif.AI

It’s common knowledge that there is a diversity problem in the tech industry. However, there’s a big gap from a

Developers Built With Clarifai Developer Tutorials

Five Mind-Blowingly Intelligent AI Apps Built on Clarifai, Featuring MongoDB, Instagram, & More

With all the innovative applications and awesome educational resources that our community has been creating, we

Developers Built With Clarifai

Clarifai Featured Hack: Mansplainer Is An App That Will Condescendingly Explain Images To You

"Mansplaining” is the all-too-common phenomenon of “a man explaining something to a woman in a condescending, o