Thank you all for downloading our Forevery Photo app! And thanks in advance to everyone who is about to click this link right here to get our app and see what all the buzz is about (you know you want to).

Launching your first app is like raising a lion cub in your backyard and then finally releasing it into the wild. You worry that maybe you didn’t prepare your cub enough for the dangers of the savannah. You wonder if the other lions will accept him … or if they’ll eat him. And you hope that your lion cub grows into the biggest, baddest, boss-est lion that all the dentists want as trophies for their walls (too soon?).

With that said, it’s been a week since we launched Forevery, a personalized photo discovery and organization app, into the wild. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the traction we’re getting so far and we hope to keep it going into 2016! We rounded up some of the nice things our customers and the press said about our app so we could humblebrag a little (ok, a lot):

When we first shared Forevery with the world, we knew that people would be amazed by how accurate and fun it is. What we didn’t know was just how creative people would get with the tags. Check out some of the best custom tags our users have shared with us:


We’ll continue to add more features and functionality to Forevery in 2016, so make sure you get your product feature requests to us! Forevery is just the first of many new apps and integrations we’ll be launching over the next year. We can’t wait to share them with you and hear your feedback, so follow us on Facebook or Twitter and keep in touch!