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AI Editorial

Is Artificial Intelligence Better Than Human Recognition?

There has been a lot of fun poked at image recognition lately. Facial recognition can be fooled with mannequins


5 AI Definitions Every Product Manager Should Know

With so many potential use-cases, Artificial Intelligence’s value may still seem somewhat illusory. Its current

UGC moderation

Content Moderation & UGC 101: 3 Key Questions and Answers

Artificial intelligence has seemingly limitless potential to change our world. From parking driverless cars to

Editorial Ethics

Content Moderation & Human Rights: How AI Can Help

Recently, as part of the New York Human Rights Watch Film Festival, I attended a screening of The Cleaners, a m

Clarifai People

A Minute with… Amy Kim, Product Lead at Clarifai

What’s your story? How did you get to where you are today? Hm, I don’t think my path is very common. In school

company news product announcements

Joining The PHP Parade With Our New API Client

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of our new official Clarifai PHP client. This has been one

company news

Why We're Part of Project Maven

Clarifai is an active participant in Project Maven, a U.S. Department of Defense AI initiative. As founder & CE

product announcements

Introducing New Android SDK - Join Our Private Beta Program

Calling for Android application developers

Built With Clarifai

Nextatlas Uses Clarifai's AI to Detect Maternity Fashion Trends

When researcher and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology PhD candidate Anna Anisimova decided to do a resear

Inside Clarifai Clarifai People

A Minute With... David Leonard, Frontend Engineer

Ever wondered about the humans behind our leading artificial intelligence startup? We’re continuing our series

company news

Introducing the Captains Program!

If you love machine learning as much as we do, have we got the opportunity for you.


From the Human Eye to AI: A Brief History of Vision

Read on as our VP of Product, Rajesh Talpade takes us on a short trek through time with his piece From the Huma