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Improving Moderation with Artificial Intelligence

By Monica Watson

From users frustrated with seeing inappropriate content to new laws putting more responsibility on companies for the actions of their users, moderation has never been more important. However, developing a strong and effective moderation strategy that doesn’t cost hundreds-of-thousands to millions of dollars has proved difficult.

During our recent webinar, Clarifai's Liz O'Sullivan (Director of Data Operations) and Abhi Mathur (Senior Product Manager) discussed the current state of moderation, the different moderation forms available for companies, and how technology like artificial intelligence is impacting moderation. Watch the video below to learn what is (and isn’t) possible to accomplish with technology and what brands like Photobucket, OpenTable, and more are doing to combat this moderation issue. 

And if you found our webinar compelling, you'll definitely want to download our ebook all about moderation and AI!

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