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The holiday season is already upon us and to celebrate, we wanted to give back to our community by giving you a chance to win swag and a Force1 Drone.

Introducing Landscape Quality, Portrait Quality, and Textures & Patterns Visual Recognition Models

Being in the business of computer vision, we deal a lot with photos - good and bad. But what makes a photo "good" vs. "bad" - the composition? The lighting? The way it makes you feel? We decided to try and distill those elements into an algorithm to help photographers and media managers sort through large volumes of content to find the highest quality images and video.  

Introducing our new Usage Dashboard – check your real-time and historic API usage data

We're excited to show off our new Usage Dashboard feature, which you can use to check your real-time and historic usage data for our visual recognition API. With the dashboard, you’ll be able to learn more about your usage pattern, identify any inconsistency in the historic trends, and reconcile your monthly bill more easily!

Workflows: Clarifai’s improved Custom Training gives you more accurate predictions with fewer labeled images required

We’ve made improvements to our knowledge transfer algorithms and neural network architecture, so all your Custom Models have been automatically upgraded with greater accuracy. And, we’re now allowing you to build Custom Models using knowledge from more of our base models (not just our General model) with a new feature called 'Base Workflows.'

Build your own visual similarity app with Clarifai’s Face Embedding model

We’re excited to release our new Face Embedding model which you can use for organizing, filtering, and ranking images of faces according to visual similarity. Follow along with this guide to learn more about how embeddings work and build your own “Which Parent Do I Look Like?” app!

Workflows: Use multiple visual recognition models at the same time, with a single API call

Clarifai has quite the collection of visual recognition models you can choose from - general, apparel, travel, demographics, moderation, etc. But what if you want to use more than just one at a time? Introducing Workflow Predict, our latest feature that allows you to save time and reduce latency by using multiple visual recognition models at the same time in a single API call.

Announcing Clarifai’s new and improved v2 API video recognition feature

We are happy to announce that the video recognition feature in Clarifai's v1 API has now been upgraded to our v2 API from beta to general availability! Now, all Clarifai users will be able to understand what’s happening in their videos with the latest and greatest features and improvements to our API.

Introducing Clarifai’s Mobile SDK – On-device machine learning whether you’re online or offline

We're excited to announce that the Clarifai Mobile SDK is now available in limited preview for every developer! The Mobile SDK enables on-device machine learning and puts AI in the palm of your hand, online or offline. Yes, that's right - Clarifai's Mobile SDK is the first to enable on-device machine learning, meaning both training and inference. Apply for access now!

Introducing Model Evaluation – test and improve the accuracy of Custom Training models

Custom Training lets Clarifai users build their own custom trained models that recognize their own unique concepts. We’re excited to add on this functionality with a new tool called Model Evaluation. You now have the ability to test your model's performance before using it in a production environment.

Introducing API Keys – a safer way to authenticate your applications

As our customers build more sophisticated applications using our API, their requirements and needs are evolving. To provide greater flexibility and control to our customers, we are introducing API Keys, an authentication method that gives more power to developers to build applications for all of their needs.

Inside Clarifai HQ: Welcome Kristin Shevis, our new Chief Customer Officer

We're excited to announce a new addition to our #Clarifam! Kristin Shevis is Clarifai's new Chief Customer Officer, leading our sales, marketing, customer success, and support teams to make the Clarifai customer experience the best in the world! Get to know more about Kristin in her Clarifai blog debut!