Monopose is an app that uses visual recognition to help you perform workout exercises with flawless technique. With Monopose, you can finally make sense of all those complicated machines at the gym!

Need to get swole but don’t have the means to hire a personal trainer? Monopose can help you perfect your workout technique by using visual recognition to evaluate and improve your exercise posture! Use the Monopose app to scan a QR code on gym equipment to help you better understand how the equipment is meant to be used. Then, turn on your camera and scan your current posture and Monopose will let you know if you’re doing it right or wrong!



We’re really excited anytime someone uses our Custom Training product to teach our AI new concepts … like exercise poses! Can’t you tell by our amazing physiques that this app would be right up our alley? No? Well, fine, maybe we will hit the gym more now that Monopose can help us refine our technique. Learn more about Monopose on Devpost!


We caught up with Monopose creators Harsh Patel, Ian Tobin, and Charlton Smith to learn what inspired their award-winning app and how they built it.

Clarifai: What inspired your idea for Monopose?

Charlton: A lot of people tear their ligaments or develop a hernia when exercising. We just want to help people avoid silly mistakes and use the equipment properly.

Harsh: What inspired us was the fact that we understood the problem. So many people at the gym don’t know how to properly work out and end up injuring themselves. We want to solve this through our Monopose app.

How did you build the app?

Ian: We used Java, Android studio, and the Clarifai API. I was also using html5 and css to start on a website advertising the app.

What was the best part about working with the Clarifai API?

Harsh: The Clarifai API was fun to work with! We loved testing the camera and making it able to pick up certain positions by either saying it was good or bad. Your Clarifai rep was definitely helpful in getting us the answers to problems we had. I think the camera crashed like 17 times before our live demo!

Ian: The Clarifai API was enjoyable to use. I always wanted to work on image recognition, and Clarifai made it easier to do. We did have some issues at first with teaching it certain images, but we did get help from a mentor to resolve the issue.

Charlton: Training Clarifai to understand your postures was tedious but fun. Our team really enjoyed how Clarifai was able to tell the difference if you train it well.

Thanks for sharing, Monopose team!

To learn more, check out our documentation and sign-up for a free Clarifai account to start using our API – all it takes is three lines of code to get up and running! We’re super excited to share all the cool things built by our developer community, so don’t forget to tweet @Clarifai to show us your apps.

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