Clarifai helped me … be better able to communicate with others casually to form relationships

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

Clarifai helped me … consider every problem as an opportunity to test creativity!

“Knock on the door and somebody eventually will open.”

Clarifai helped me … write and read code better than ever before.

“No matter how kind you are, German children are kinder.”

Clarifai helped me … give every chance a go, many opportunities presented themselves when I did!


Clarifai helped me … better my street cred in the hacker community!

“If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask to be your default browser, you’re brave enough to ask that girl out.” -Abraham Lincoln, 1864

Clarifai helped me … have waaayyy more confidence to publish my technical content!!

“One for the money, two for the code, three for innovation all over the globe, four to switch the nation to developer mode. #Coderitis”

Clarifai helped me … really want to pursue a developer evangelist role now after Champions! 😀

“Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get!”

Clarifai helped me … code so you can copy and paste my code.

“Still looking for an algorithm that sorts my life out.”

Clarifai helped me … do anything now!

“Dance like nobody attractive is watching.”

Clarifai helped me … gain confidence in trying out new things and knowing that even if I’m not the expert in something, I can still build cool things and teach at least one other person how to do it. I’ve definitely learned what it means to pay it forward.

“Don’t let your own fear of failing stop you from moving forward.”

Clarifai helped me … gain a more extensive knowledge of Spam-based products.

“Be nice, or I will cut you up.”

Christina Zhu

Sarabeth Jaffe

Derek Tor

Zahra Traboulsi

Gary Yau-Chan

Claire Durand

Aarti Bagul

Timotius Sitoris

Raj Krishnan

Kevin Chow

Bryan Yan

Alex Terela

Zhifan Li

Zach Plata

Shaun Chua