How Vintage Cloud uses Clarifai’s visual recognition API to archive and document old films

Vintage Cloud is a company on a mission to preserve, archive, and document old film. Documenting film manually would take thousands, if not millions, of manhours. With Clarifai’s visual recognition API, Vintage Cloud was able to understand their video content at scale, documenting metadata for hours upon hours of video in a matter of minutes.

Introducing our new Usage Dashboard – check your real-time and historic API usage data

We're excited to show off our new Usage Dashboard feature, which you can use to check your real-time and historic usage data for our visual recognition API. With the dashboard, you’ll be able to learn more about your usage pattern, identify any inconsistency in the historic trends, and reconcile your monthly bill more easily!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Terrabeasts are the AI-powered Tamagotchis you wish you had

Terrabeasts is an app that lets you keep a virtual pet in your phone. You can feed it by taking photos of real food, which is then identified by Clarifai’s food recognition model. Depending on what you feed your Terrabeast, it will grow into … well, a beauty or a beast, naturally!

Getting Started with Search by Geo Location

Fact: Clarifai’s Search API allows you to search your images and video by visual similarity. Lesser known fact: it also lets you search your media by geo location data! Learn more about this feature and how to put it into action for your own developer application.

Clarifai Featured Hack: Perfect your workout technique with Monopose

Monopose is an app that uses visual recognition to help you perform workout exercises with flawless technique. With Monopose, you can finally make sense of all those complicated machines at the gym!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Wishbnb recommends dream vacations based on your Pinterest boards

Wishbnb is an app that recommends dream vacations based on Pinterest boards, with a twist - these dream trips are meant for terminally ill children and their parents, and the recommendations can be used to create a crowdfunding listing to which others can contribute!

One thousand captcha photos organized with a neural network

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into organizing photos by visual similarity in three steps: embedding via a neural net, further dimension reduction via t-SNE, and snapping things to a grid by solving an assignment problem. Then we’ll walk you through doing this yourself by calling one of our endpoints on your own Clarifai application.

Five mind-blowingly intelligent AI apps built on Clarifai, featuring Twilio, West Elm,, + more

With all the innovative applications and awesome educational resources that our community has been creating, we wanted to showcase some of our favorites to inspire you to start tinkering with machine learning technology. Here's our roundup of the best of the best developer apps from July!

How to demo your localhost app using ngrok

Ngrok is a reverse proxy that allows you to expose your locally running web service to other developers. It's a timesaver for developers when it comes down to showcasing a project. Follow along and learn how you can put this into your toolbelt of applications!