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Improving Moderation with Artificial Intelligence

From users frustrated with seeing inappropriate content to new laws putting more responsibility on companies fo

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4 Things AI Can’t Do Better Than Humans

AI might be ready to replace us for rote tasks like moderating visual content or collecting feedback, but for t

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4 APIs You Need to Know To build The Next great App

If you’re thinking about building an app and don’t have time to start from scratch, you’re in luck. With all th

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SnappTag: An Impact Hack That Automatically Tags Product Inventory for Non-English Speaking Business Owners

This month was the SmallBizHack hackathon at Intuit's headquarters in Mountain View, an event where over 200 ha

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AI at the Movies: How Ex Machina Shows AI Is What You Make It

We all love a good story. And with so many unknowns, it’s easy to see why artificial intelligence is at the cen

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Hacking Inventory Management with Clarifai at Intuit SmallBizHack

Last weekend was the SmallBizHack hackathon at Intuit's headquarters in Mountain View, where over 200 hackers c

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Harnessing AI for Good: The Promise of Facial Recognition

For many of us, there are few things more important to our identity than our faces. It is often the first thing

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3 Ways AI Can Improve Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is having a huge impact across almost every industry. It's even being used to save live

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Announcing Our New Partnership with RichRelevance to Enhance Experience Personalization with Visual AI

We're thrilled to announce today our new partnership with RichRelevance, the global leader in Experience Person

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3 Ways AI is Improving the Retail UX

Every retailer knows that delivering a satisfying, frictionless shopping experience is key, and consumer expect

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More Than NSFW: Moderation in Action

Often, when we discuss moderation, we talk only about blocking NSFW (not safe for work) content. However, for m

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Halloween at Clarifai HQ: How we built our Spooky or Not Model

Happy Halloween! This year, to celebrate, a few members of the Clarifai team built an app that tells you how sp