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3 Steps To Embedding Artificial Intelligence In Enterprise Applications

Like databases, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving towards becoming a core component of modern applications. In the coming months, almost every application that we use will depend on some form of AI. Artificial Intelligence is all set to become the new database for the next generation applications.

Tech companies increase acquisitions to build artificial intelligence-enabled systems

Clarifai’s pitch to customers such as consumer goods company Unilever Plc and hotel search firm Trivago is bolstered by its narrow focus on artificial intelligence. “(Google) literally competes with almost every company on the planet,” Zeiler said. “Are you going to trust them with being your partner for AI?”

Acquisitions accelerate as tech giants seek to build AI smarts

Artificial intelligence companies that do remain independent field a steady stream of suitors: Matthew Zeiler, chief executive of Clarifai, which specializes in image and video recognition, said he has been approached about a dozen times by prospective acquirers since starting the company in late 2013.

Exclusive: Interbrand Announces Its Breakthrough Brands Of 2017

The rules of business seem to be changing constantly, and no one model of success is dominant, so it’s particularly fascinating when a company breaks through the noise. But what are those qualities that allow for one startup to fly while so many others like it fail?

This robot helps kids with special needs to communicate

Robota uses computer vision and sentiment analysis to identify students in a classroom who appear to be distressed. Then, Robota approaches and asks the student if anything is wrong. The team used the TurtleBot, and software from Autonomous, Clarif.ai and IBM to make their prototype.

Val.ai lets self-driving cars bid for parking spots

In big cities, parking can be expensive and take forever to find. But TechCrunch Disrupt NY hackathon team Val.ai built a way for autonomous vehicles to participate in auctions for nearby parking spaces. Technology like Val.ai could eventually reduce congestion and pollution by more efficiently routing cars to spaces. The project was built using Clarifai, ThingSpace and MapQuest.

Get caught up on what’s happening at Big Omaha: Clarifai

Clarifai’s technology can understand what a photo is in a fraction of a second. The technology can also be used to include or exclude any type of image content for custom search results. Businesses are using Clarifai to identify their logos in photographs and determine who is using their products and in what ways.

Getting started with image recognition and artificial intelligence today

Clarifai provides a fantastic service that developers can use to bring image recognition into their apps. Matt Zeiler, CEO and founder of Clarifai, spoke with me about their service and explained the concepts of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and neural networks.

How AI’s Learn to See

While search engines help us find answers and information quickly, their ability to source images from similar pictures is still a work in progress. That’s about to change according to Clarifai Founder and CEO Matt Zeiler who says AI technology now makes it easier for users to find exactly what they’re looking for by searching images for similar content and products.

Software Engineering Daily Podcast – Convolutional Neural Networks with Matt Zeiler

Convolutional neural networks are a machine learning tool that uses layers of convolution and pooling to process and classify inputs. CNNs are useful for identifying objects in images and video. In this episode, we focus on the application of convolutional neural networks to image and video recognition and classification.

TWiML&AI podcast – Deep Neural Nets for Visual Recognition

Today we bring you our final interview from backstage at the NYU FutureLabs AI Summit. I caught up with Matt Zeiler after his talk “From Research to the Real World”. Our conversation focused on the birth and growth of Clarifai, as well as the underlying deep neural network architectures that enable it.

Clarifai Names Twitter Veteran, Tom Woolway, VP of Engineering

Clarifai, the leading visual recognition AI company that uses sophisticated machine learning to understand images and videos, today announced Tom Woolway as its new VP of Engineering.