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Meet the man who taught computers to see

In a small, nondescript office in the Flatiron District, some of the brightest minds in the world are teaching computers how to understand what they see. It is, perhaps, an unlikely place for the cutting edge of artificial intelligence to be built, but the technology they're creating will change the way you interact with the world. Clarifai is building some of the world's most cutting-edge visual recognition technology.

Clarifai Wants You to Correct AI’s Biggest Gaffes

Researchers strive to solve the sometimes egregious limitations of this breed of AI, called deep learning, as it evolves. Matthew Zeiler, the founder and CEO of the New York startup Clarifai, is developing deep learning technologies similar to Google’s. He’s offering them to the world’s businesses to use as they like. And he’s offering tools that he hopes will allow them to sidestep the kind of gaffe Google experienced with Photos.

How One Visual Search Startup Plans to One-Up TinEye

When you have a photo and want to find a higher resolution copy online, you can use tools like Google Image Search and TinEye. They work in a very specific way extracting specific patterns and how they contrast with their surroundings. That works well for finding alternate copies of the same image, but it’s not so great if you try to go deeper. Enter Clarifai, which creator Matthew Zeiler claims improves upon the techniques used by Google and Tineye by way of superior artificial intelligence.

This AI enabled software could prove godsend for eCommerce portals

Artificial Intelligence is continually pushing the boundaries of what machines are capable of. But could machines ever turn out to be superior beings to us? The answer is obviously 'yes', at least in numerous things where our brains used to be the unchallenged champion of creativity and intelligence. One such software is Clarifai, an AI-powered image and video recognising software.

New Version of Clarifai API Actually Offers Developers Bespoke Machine Learning

Every now and then, an announcement comes along that gives the consuming developer direct and approachable access to ML/AI capabilities so that their own organizations, in bespoke fashion, can benefit more directly from the so-called rocket science. The latest version of Clarifai's image recognition API could be one of those.

Clarifai CEO: N.Y.C. is the main hub that every startup must pass through

Matthew Zeiler has a goal for his startup Clarifai. The image-recognition expert wants to bring advanced artificial intelligence techniques to businesses of all sizes rather than just large tech companies.

Leading Visual Recognition AI Company Clarifai Launches New Tools To Unlock AI For Every Developer & Business

Clarifai today announced two new products: Custom Training and Visual Search. Available for developers and businesses of all sizes, these products significantly further Clarifai’s mission to empower all developers and businesses to easily build visual recognition solutions into every app and business workflow.

Watching Your Live Streams For Violence And Porn Is Now A Job For AI

As an increasing torrent of violent content is popping up in live streams, platforms are asking themselves what role they should have in choosing what their users see, and how exactly their teams of moderators will do that. To the second question at least, platforms have one emerging idea: artificial intelligence.

AI may soon monitor your live videos on Twitter, Facebook

The job of watching and removing violent or pornographic content from these live apps, as well as video sites like YouTube, has primarily been a human undertaking. Now, artificial intelligence is poised to help with this task.

Now You Too Can Buy Cloud-Based Deep Learning

A growing number of tech giants and startups have begun offering machine learning as a cloud service. That means other companies and startups do not need to develop their own specialized hardware or software to apply deep ­learning—the high-powered version du jour of machine learning—to their specific business needs.

New York City Casts a Net to Catch the Next Big Start-Up

New York is increasingly a place for the deeper computer science for which Silicon Valley is known ... there are now A.I. start-ups in New York, including Clarifai and Geometric Intelligence.

Thirteen Companies That Use Deep Learning To Produce Actionable Results

It wasn’t long ago that you had to have machine learning experts on staff to design and build deep learning networks that could produce actionable results. Those days are over. Nowadays there are many companies that provide deep learning solutions across a wide range of applications.