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Brands see visual intelligence as key part of AI strategy

Brands have quickly recognized this technology as a commercial asset. Clarifai, a leading computer vision company with a popular visual intelligence API, was recently used to analyze hundreds of photos of fans during baseball games to identify when they have caught a ball.

30 of New York’s finest start-ups to watch in 2017

Start spreading the news, these tech start-ups are the hottest tickets to emerge from New York City. Regarded as one of the biggest and most exciting cities to visit in the world, and often referred to as the ‘City of Dreams’, New York City has paved the path for more than 100 of the newest and brightest start-up companies.

Five Simple Ways to Build Artificial Intelligence in 2017

Luckily for developers who want to get in on the action, there are a range of services available that make it simple to get started with the basics of building your own artificial intelligence, chatbot and/or personal assistant for whatever purpose you can dream up. In this overview, we’ll look at the services that exist which can enable developers to begin connecting their own apps and IoT devices to voice recognition, chatbots and artificial intelligence throughout 2016.

Who is YOUR celebrity lookalike? Find out with this online AI tool that reveals your famous doppelganger

You many not be a star, but you could look just like one. Scientists have created celebrity-spotting software which uses artificial intelligence to match faces to celebrities in a matter of seconds. The system has 10,000 celebrities on record and can match celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman with more than 90 per cent confidence.

AI That’s Into Celebrity Spotting

It’s still in the early stages, but Clarifai is tackling the tricky task of figuring out which famous people are in images. Computer-vision startup Clarifai, which builds AI that can recognize the content of photos and videos, is apparently also angling for a job as a member of the paparazzi.

A New Point-and-Click Revolution Brings AI To The Masses

Like web programming a decade ago, artificial intelligence is building simplified tools for non-experts, which could result in new jobs. AT&T, Clarifai, and IBM, as well as UC Berkeley, are creating intuitive ways for people with big ideas to start building AI tools without big expertise.

Machine Learning Opens Up New Ways to Help Disabled People

Software that can understand images, sounds, and language is being used to help people with disabilities such as deafness and autism in new ways.

Leading Visual Recognition Company Clarifai Launches New Identification Models, ‘Apparel’ and ‘Celebrity’

Clarifai, the leading visual recognition AI company that uses sophisticated machine learning to understand images and video, today announced two new categories to its ever-growing suite of identification models that will benefit the retail and e-commerce industries — ‘Apparel’ and ‘Celebrity.’

9 Revolutionary Companies to Watch

Over the course of my travels I meet with some of the most promising companies in the world. They've lead me over the years to discover three billion dollar unicorns before anyone else had written about them. Rather than opting to emulate what’s on the market, here are a few companies that have stood out to me and I believe could be unicorns in the future.

Here are 50 Companies Leading the AI Revolution

We know that artificial intelligence will soon reshape our world. But which companies will lead the way? To help ­answer that question, research firm CB Insights recently selected the “AI 100,” a list of the 100 most promising artificial intelligence startups ­globally.

Visual search startup Clarifai beefs up its AI team with a new San Francisco office

These are problems that larger companies like Pinterest and Google are working on, but for the time being those companies are keeping the tools in-house. Clarifai instead is trying to build a set of products that opens up the kinds of visual search tools those companies have to any startup or larger partner.

This visual recognition startup has poached AI talent from Twitter

Clarifai, a startup that creates visual recognition software, has hired four members of Twitter’s machine learning team, Cortex, as well as an engineer formerly with Google Brain, the search giant’s research group focused on artificial intelligence.