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The Game-Changing Technology Every Company Needs to Prepare for Now

Fanuc is working on an unsupervised learning system, so A.I.-powered robots can learn skills on their own. Tesla is developing A.I. infrastructure for autonomous vehicles, which includes new kinds of maps and decision-making software. And Clarifai is building software that will automatically tag, organize, and search content.

The data that transformed AI research—and possibly the world

Alumni of the ImageNet challenge can be found in every corner of the tech world. The contest’s first winners in 2010 went on to take senior roles at Baidu, Google, and Huawei. Matthew Zeiler built Clarifai based off his 2013 ImageNet win, and is now backed by $40 million in VC funding.

Top startups shaping the future of personal photos

When most people think of photo sharing and images they likely think of the major platforms and big companies: Instagram and its parent company Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Dropbox, Snap and Flickr. However, there's a world of startups beyond just those big companies.

Every AI Powerhouse Wanted This Whiz Kid. He’s Taking Them On Instead

Four years later, Zeiler's New York City-based startup, Clarifai, is widely seen as one of the most promising in the crowded, buzzy field of machine learning. Clarifai offers image- and video-recognition tools for developers that rival those from Google, Microsoft and others.

Clarifai launches SDK for training AI on your iPhone

Computer vision startup Clarifai has launched a mobile software development kit (SDK) in limited preview today to process and carry out artificial intelligence on iOS devices. Versions for Android and Internet of Things devices are also in the works.

How Machine-Learning AI Is Going To Make Your Phone Even Smarter

Today, image-recognition AI company Clarifai debuted new software that allows mobile apps to do machine learning—the actual training of models—right on smartphones, going back to at least the iPhone 5, with no cloud server farm required.

Can’t describe a style? Search with a Pinterest board with West Elm Style Finder

The Style Finder is an artificially intelligent program — West Elm developers worked with the Clarifai image recognition software as a basis, then developed front-end software that uses the recognition program for identifying, then suggesting, different decor styles.

Already Winning at Pinning, West Elm Brings AI to Pinterest

Image recognition tools, data-trained to recognize objects by class, have evolved into neural networks that ‘learn’ as they go, such as recognizing that things with rubber bottoms, a leather or canvas upper, laces and other details all belong in the same category.

West Elm’s New AI Tool Scans Pinterest To Recommend Furnishings

Last year, Clarifai introduced a drag-and-drop online tool called Custom Training that allows anyone to upload a few photos of specific items, say a brand of shoes, to train a classifier to recognize that type of items in other photos. Chatelain’s team created a site that connects Clarifai’s tool to Pinterest (when users paste in a board’s URL), develops a classifier of the style in the images, and filters out matching products from West Elm’s online catalog of about 5,000 items. (West Elm pays Clarifai based on the number of times it accesses the neural network.)

Entrepreneurs say ‘faux AI’ hype hurts marketing efforts

How is the AI industry combating this giant gap in understanding? Some entrepreneurs observe that miseducation is a symptom of how young the wave of AI feels and suggest that glamorization will fade with more time and case studies.

Clarifai Appoints Kristin Shevis Chief Customer Officer

Clarifai today announced Kristin Shevis as its Chief Customer Officer. Shevis, an award-winning sales veteran with an exceptional track record of rapidly scaling early-stage startups, will spearhead Clarifai’s continued momentum as it attracts brands and developers of all sizes to its artificial intelligence platform. Conversocial, Google alum joins foremost independent visual recognition startup to scale customer and revenue growth.

Meet your future boss: Clarifai’s Kristin Shevis wants to know what’s *not* on your LinkedIn profile

What if you interview your future boss before she interviewed you? Now’s your chance. Do lunch (hypothetically speaking) with Kristin Shevis, chief customer officer at Clarifai.