This summer, we #Clarifools worked our nuts and bolts off so we thought we deserved a chance to party down. Read all about our epic Summer Party and how we pulled if off with a startup budget. Hint: every party is a good party when you’re in good company!

Our recent Clarifai summer party had all the staples: a stunning rooftop view, a build-your-own hamburger bar, enough booze to last through the night, a killer playlist, and party games galore. Sounds like a great time, right?

Well, it was certainly a blast, but it didn’t just come together on its own. Throwing a rad party takes dedication, planning, and creativity, especially in a city as expensive as New York. So, we’re here to share some lessons we learned in throwing our first official #Clarifam summer party. We hope that you find our tips helpful when you’re planning your next event on a budget!

Tip #1. Get everyone involved

IMG_2937We’re not satisfied with just cutting it, especially when we’re cutting loose. That’s why we have an entire committee dedicated to planning fun events and creating day-to-day whimsy at Clarifai. We call ourselves the Cheer Enforcement Task Force, and we’re made up of folks from all different departments in the company. Getting more than one perspective in party planning is just as important as it is in training A.I. – one person’s definition of “fun” is probably not the same as another’s. We try to be as inclusive as possible so that we have a range of fun activities for every personality.

Past shenanigans of ours include an indoor potluck picnic and a paint party that left us with some pretty cool office wall art that will definitely be worth a lot of money some day.

Tip #2. Get weird

IMG_2686This summer shindig was the biggest event the Cheer Enforcement Task Force has taken on to date, and we brought out the big guns in an effort to create a party as unique as we are. And when we say “big guns,” what we really mean is a bubble machine, a makeshift photo booth, and a cardboard cut-out of our beloved CEO. Turns out, things get a little wacky when we take a break from working on our amazing image recognition technology to boogie down with each other and create some amazing images of our own.

Tip #3. Get thrifty

IMG_2772As a startup, we’re challenged to make the most of our party-planning budget and get the biggest fun return on our investment. Luckily, fun isn’t necessarily correlated to money spent!

We love cost-effective and fun party activities like good, old-fashioned board games and a DIY iPhone camera + tripod photo booth. Some of the best inexpensive party games, in our humble opinions, are Cards Against Humanity, Catch Phrase, and Heads Up. The iPhone version of Heads Up is particularly fun because you can record people acting things out and shouting at you when you have the clue set against your forehead! 

Also, a cardboard cutout of your CEO is always a hit!

Tip #4. Get nostalgic

If you throw a party and no one takes photos, did it ever really happen? We made sure to document all of our ridiculous antics so we could look fondly back on this summer party for years to come. Also, you can never have enough footage of your co-workers doing silly things to blackmail them with in the future.

Check out the ridiculous results:

Does this sound like a good time to you? Check out our careers page and join in on the fun. Keep up with the “Inside Clarifai” blog series to hear more about our Cheer Enforcement Task Force’s office antics and what it’s like to be part of the #Clarifam!