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Clarifai Champions, Round 2: Meet our newest future developer evangelists!

Earlier this year, we launched an epic educational program called Clarifai Champions that helps developers hone both their technical chops and their advocacy skills! We’re excited to announce the participants in our second class of Champions starting this fall - get to know these faces, because these people are going places!

Inside Clarifai HQ: Life as a Developer Evangelist intern

Now that the summer is grinding to an abrupt and unwelcome halt, we’ve asked our summer interns to share their experiences at Clarifai and help usher in our new class of Fall and Winter interns with their hard-earned wisdom.

Inside NYC’s first A.I. Hackathon, hosted by Clarifai x General Assembly

Last week, 150 developers gathered at General Assembly’s swanky Flatiron office to build, hack, and make creative, robot apocalypse-inducing, A.I.-based smart apps. 35 teams came together, and over 20 of them used the Clarifai image and video recognition API.

What food is this? Clarifai’s food recognition technology can tell you!

We’re excited to release our new Food Recognition model into the wild, so you can start building incredible (and tasty) apps that recognize over a thousand types of food down to the ingredient level!

Compete for glory and prizes at the Clarifai A.I. hackathon

Join us this Saturday, August 13th, for a day of merriment, hacking, and sweet prizes at the Clarifai x General Assembly AI hackathon. The hackathon theme is using AI to build something that will advance the inevitable robot apocalypse ... you know, the usual.

Test out the Clarifai API with our beautiful new demo

Customers always tell us they’re blown away by the accuracy of the tags from our visual recognition API. So, we launched a new demo to give people an easy and eye-pleasing way to test the tags on any image or video!

Applications for the next class of Clarifai Champions are now open!

We had such an amazing first class of Clarifai Champions, we just had to do it again. Our Clarifai Champions program teaches all the skills required to become a great technical evangelist - apply now for your chance to join the fall class of 2016!

Inside Clarifai HQ: And the A.I. said, ‘Let there be interns’

Summer is the time for sun, fun, and of course, interns! The cool thing about interning at a startup like Clarifai is interns have the opportunity to make a huge impact in just a short amount of time. Meet our 2016 summer intern class and see what they’re working on!

CEOpinions: How to prioritize your day when everything is important

At a young company like Clarifai, everyone is too busy, whether they’re an intern or the CEO. In this month’s “CEOpinions” blog series, our CEO Matt “Pokemon Go? More like Pokemon No” Zeiler shares his life hacks for prioritization and efficiency.

Search and view all your photos in one place with Forevery & Google Drive

The latest Forevery Photo update lets you connect Google Drive with Forevery on your iPhone! With GDrive and the Dropbox integration we announced last month, you can now search and view all your photos in the cloud and on your phone in one place!

Inside Clarifai HQ: Playing with fire … literally

Summer is the time for fun in the sun, and we all know that fun + sun = setting things on fire! It’s science. So, our team took a break from building #🔥 image recognition technology and spent a day in the woods literally building fires. You know, for when the robot apocalypse comes.

Tech inclusion and diversity in machine learning

We’ve always believed that inclusion is for everyone (ha!). So, we were excited to make our commitment official with this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit initiative for tech inclusion.