FindALostPet is a website and app where people can, well, find their lost pets. Next time your dog gets lost chasing squirrels, just upload Fido’s photo to FindALostPet and Clarifai’s image recognition technology can help connect you to sightings of dogs similar to yours.

Do you ever have one of those absent-minded days where you misplace everything – your keys, your wallet, your cell phone, your exotic longhair Persian cat? Well, we have a solution to your lost pet problem (you’re on your own with the other stuff). FindALostPet is a free online lost pet database where you can help bring pets home. The app and website allow members to post pets they have lost or report sightings of stray pets with pictures and location. Clarifai helps categorize these sightings and route them to the correct pet owners.



Any app that can reunite us with our fur babies has a special place in our hearts. Seriously, have you seen how cute our office dog is? Not only that, but the developer who created the app is only fifteen-years-old – talk about fresh, young talent! Check out the live app here.


We asked Laef Kucheran, the Canadian programmer behind FindALostPet, to explain his inspiration for the project.

Clarifai: What inspired your idea for FindALostPet?

Laef: I really can’t remember. I remember that I proposed it to five or so friends and all but one shot it down. Then, a couple months later, my friend messaged me saying that some of the other projects I was working on were cool, but he really wanted to know when I would start on the lost pet thing.

What did you use to build your app?

The back-end is written in PHP (my favourite) using several different tools and APIs. We use Stamen Design for map tiles and LeafletJS to stitch the tiles together and we use a Google Maps API for geocoding. And of course we use Clarifai for image recognition.

Really, the biggest problem has not been in the programming, which comes naturally, but in spreading the project. We crowd-funded it on Indiegogo, and got some media attention for that, but since then, we’ve kind of been at a loss for what to do next. I expect most programmers and app developers come up against this problem, and like a good programmer, my first thought is to just make the service better, cooler and easier like making sightings easier to post by using Clarifai to route them behind-the-scenes to the correct pet owners.

What was the best part about working with Clarifai?

Really, it’s just extraordinarily easy-to-use, easy to learn and understand and quite useful for projects like these. There’s nothing to complain about, it’s got good support and, for a programmer, no complaints is pretty much the best compliment that can be given.

Thanks for sharing, Laef!

To learn more, check out our documentation and sign-up for a free Clarifai account to start using our API – all it takes is three lines of code to get up and running! We’re super excited to share all the cool things built by our developer community, so don’t forget to tweet @Clarifai to show us your apps.

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