AiPet is an artificially intelligent robot pet that can see and interpret its environment using the Clarifai API and interact and follow commands using the Amazon Alexa API. Who knew the harbinger of the robot apocalypse would be so cute?

AiPet, or “Pi” as its creator so lovingly nicknamed it, is an artificially intelligent GoPiGo robot pet that can see, interpret, and interact with its environment. With the holidays coming up, it’s pretty much the perfect gift for the person in your life who really wants a pet but also really shouldn’t be entrusted with an actual living creature. Rather than tell you about all the cool pet tricks “Pi” can do, we’ll show you instead!

“Pi” can engage in basic conversation:

“Pi” can follow commands:

“Pi” can see and explain the world it sees:


We love it when hackers pair our visual recognition API with other cool tech like Amazon’s Alexa and the GoPiGo robot. The more, the merrier! Bonus points – Uday also documented his AiPet adventure in an informative Medium post.


We asked Uday Sandhar, creator of AiPet, to talk about his inspiration for building a lovable little smart robot and how he did it. Uday is an ex-Founder, Mobile and Web Product Leader who loves building and growing products that make users’ life 100X better through simple, intuitive design and built-in intelligence.

Clarifai: What inspired your idea for AiPet?

Uday: I came across the GoPiGo robot and Clarifai, and I thought would it be cool if my son could have a super smart pet.

What did you use to build your app?

I used Python and the Python modules shipped with GoPiGo to control the robot and click pictures. I then programmatically uploaded those pictures to S3 and created Amazon Lambda function to call the Clarifai APIs attaching the picture from S3. I also created custom skills along with intent and utterances for Amazon Alexa to be able to ask to interact with the robot verbally.

Since I was utilizing the Python modules shipped with the robot, I used Weaved service to expose the robot thru an ssh so I could use Python Lambda function to remote ssh into the robot and run the robot Python modules to control its movement and camera.

What was the best part about working with Clarifai?

The Clarifai API was easy to understand, quick to implement, and free to use for my prototype.

Thanks for sharing, Uday!

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