Earlier this year, we launched an epic educational program called Clarifai Champions that helps developers hone both their technical chops and their advocacy skills! We’re excited to announce the participants in our second class of Champions starting this fall – get to know these faces, because these people are going places!

Clarifai Champions was started to help budding developers master developer evangelism skills like technical communication, community building, API skills, public speaking, and more. Even though our first class of Champions* just wrapped a little over a month ago, we missed them so much that we had to start our second class ASAP! So, we’re excited to announce the latest and greatest, super brainy, super charismatic, super SUPER group of Clarifai Champions!

*Also, we loved one of our former Champions, Prince, so much that we couldn’t let him go … and now he’s an official Clarifai developer evangelist!


adityaAditya Vishwanath

Aditya is currently a junior in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He’s a very passionate technology and education enthusiast, and he loves being challenged with new ideas every day. He really enjoys doing research – specifically in understanding and evaluating the feasibility of education technologies for low-resource environments and in studying novel use cases for machine learning. This summer, he worked with Google on a VR study for education in low-resource communities in India. He is also a co-author of an edX MOOC and has been playing the violin for over 12 years!

alifinkelsteinAli Finkelstein

Ali is a recent MIT graduate and current candidate for a Master’s of Engineering. She and her goldfish of three years, Gregory Cermit Finkelstein, Esquire, have a traveling circus show where she and Gregory jump through hoops and tumble through fire. She has successfully completed one V1 bouldering path; she attributes her success to her “noodle arms.” Additionally, Ali was awarded four Michelin stars for her high fives. Only a select few have had the honor of receiving one and maybe one day you will be honored with one.


Bec Martin

Bec is a Developer Evangelist at Xero, and is part of an fantastic team that maintains the developer ecosystem around Xero’s add-on partners. Bec is also part of the Australian hackathon scene and the social developer community in the Australian region. Bec left life as an accountant to pursue technology and development. Since then, she’s worked on a variety of different projects for enterprise clients as a technology consultant and freelance developer. She’s also passionate about making other girls and women aware that technology is a viable and awesome career option for them too.

christopherngoChristopher Ngo

Christopher is a software engineer who entered the tech scene through the hair-raising vector of penetration testing. It is his goal to build a cybersecurity career from this exciting childhood interest, so he can orchestrate best-practice catalysts and save the world from Black-Hats. In recent years, Christopher has leveraged his free time to become an experienced hackathon hacker (30+ competitions) and organizer (HackingEDU and Spectra), exercising his passion to educate, invent, and share. Christopher currently studies the triple threat of Computer Science, Information Security, and Latin Ballroom Dance.

ericaramErica Ram

Erica is a recent graduate of Adelphi University and of the Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School. She loves learning and sharing her knowledge with others, and hopes to get more involved in the tech community. Outside of tech, she enjoys conducting kitchen science (cooking), reading on the beach, and petting dogs.

gauravGaurav Ragtah

Gaurav is a Master’s student at Columbia University, focused on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. He collaborated with data services, machine learning, and biz analytics teams at Google Nest this summer. Previously, he was at Klout and LinkedIn SlideShare, and also co-founded ThisYaThat – the first non-US startup to be backed by Wharton Innovation Fund. Gaurav is currently building Profillic to improve candidate screening through bias-free skill validation. He speaks four languages natively and enjoys reading up on sociology and linguistics, playing soccer and table tennis, and performing South Asian fusion music with Columbia Raaga.

janakJanak Jobanputra

Janak is a 2016 graduate from the University of California, Davis. He did his Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and is currently working at a cool health analytics startup named BaseHealth Inc. as a software developer. He really loves new tech, and is always that guy in your friend group that will have the coolest and newest tech! He recently started going to hackathons, and has been loving the experience. Janak also has a huge soft spot for physics and watches way too much YouTube.

justinchavezJustin Chavez

Justin is an undergraduate Computer Science student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He is the Co-Founder of HackerPack, an organization dedicated to making hackathons more inclusive. In his free time he attends hackathons, helps with research at Princeton Neuroscience Institute, and mentors other high school and college students.

kathrynKathryn Reagan

Kathryn is a Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks in Dallas, Texas. Some of her favorite things include writing clean code, computer science education, community engagement, reading, swimming, drinking wine, and trying to make her ferocious cat love her more. She is excited about breaking into the Maker community and loves to share what she’s learning with anyone who will listen. Find her with a flower in her hair.

loriannLori-Anne Ashwood

Lori-Anne is a recent Grace Hopper Academy graduate with a lot of curiosity about how people and technology can help each other improve. She’s done many things in many past lives including using a tractor beam to move nanowires. “Beam me up Scotty!” 🙂 She’s excited to get deeper into the application side of technology and build interesting products that impact the way people live.

yiranYiran Xu

Yiran is a first-year Master’s student in Data Science at New York University. She did her undergraduate at Iowa State University majoring in economics and mathematics. She is interested everything about data, especially machine learning and computer vision. She is also interested in entrepreneurship, which is her new interest. Besides that, she is a foodie and a girl who likes dancing, working out, listening to K-Pop music, and buying beautiful clothes.

prithajPrithaj Nath

Prithaj is a senior at SUNY Plattsburgh majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He is the president of the Software Engineering Club of his college and aspires to strengthen the hacker community at Plattsburgh. He worked as a web developer at End Point over the summer in Manhattan and has fallen in love with NYC ever since. In his free time, he likes working on side projects, reading articles about tech and listening to music. As a big fan of Ed-tech, he also helps to organize events with HackingEDU and Startup Weekend Education.

neelaNeela Balkaran

Neela recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and currently works as a full stack developer for Code School. She thrives in the intersection of technology, humans, and education. She doesn’t yet know what she wants to be when she grows up. When not working or learning, she’s a fan of yoga, capoeira, and playing piano and clarinet.

alainaAlaina Kafkes

Alaina is a senior studying Computer Science at Northwestern University, but she’s dabbled in everything from theoretical chemistry to linguistics along the way. One of the things she’s most proud of is her dedication to (CLARIFAI) CHAMPIONing #WomenInTech. Currently, she’s the co-president of Women in Computing, a professional development & mentorship organization, and the founder of BuildHer, Chicago’s first-ever student-run women’s hackathon. She loves to build new technologies that improve human health and happiness.

alyssAlyss Noland

Alyss is the Developer Advocate at BigCommerce. Her introduction to programming began in a high school computer science class and influenced a growing passion for technology. Board games, video games, drinking cider, and reading fill her time outside of work. She hopes to have a positive impact on women & the LGBTQIA community in tech.

bevisBevis Halsey-Perry

Bevis is a self-proclaimed technomancer of the 3rd realm, wannabe inventor, and student in the Art of the Ones and Zeros at Goldsmiths (University of London). He is endeavouring to use technology as a tool to express artistically, adapt socially, and progress scientifically; hopefully all at the same time. Bevis is passionate about tech communities and the power they have for innovation and change, which he pursues as Hacksmiths’ president.

clairewangClaire Wang

Claire is a junior at Cornell University studying Computer Science and Information Science. She enjoys going to hackathons and giving back to the CS community. For the past two summers she worked on mobile healthcare apps at Partners Healthcare, and worked with analytics of industrial assets on the Predix platform at GE Digital.

fabiFabi Eitel

Fabi is pursuing a Master’s degree in Data Science at the EIT Digital Master school. He has been living, studying, and working in six countries on three continents. He has founded two start-ups, of which one never even got a first customer.

hannanaliHannan Ali

Hannan is a self-taught programmer from Okara, Pakistan. He is passionate about using technology to make communities better and wants to make this world a more open and collaborative place for everyone. He dropped out of high school junior year.

jeroenJeroen Goossens

Jeroen is a hacker, mentor, speaker, teacher, software consultant, penguin aficionado, and just the right amount of crazy – or so he hears. He helps run an organization called HackWare, providing hardware to inspire young individuals through hands-on experience workshops, and mentorship. His passion is to teach and inspire, and he tries his best to show it in all aspects of life.

lizzieLizzie Siegle

Lizzie hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and is a junior Computer Science major at Bryn Mawr College. Organizing She++ Code Day for over 70 attendees last January prepared her to be an organizer for Spectra, the Bay Area’s largest women’s hackathon, and also to be a developer evangelist intern at PubNub this summer. There, she developed iOS, Android, and web apps and blogged about them, and also led workshops and gave tech talks at local meetups. She is extremely excited for Clarifai Champions because she loves devangelism, teaching, and hackathons so, so, much!

mattburmanMatt Burman

Matt is a developer, hackathon attendee, and hackathon organizer. Other nouns that have been applied to him are student, freelancer, and intern. He is also lifehack, efficiency, and productivity obsessive.

jyothiJyothi Nookula

Jyothi is a bio-hacker, tech product manager, drone builder, analog astronaut and an artist. She likes to put her diverse skill sets to use to solve complex problems. She led the launch of consumer and prosumer 3D printers at 3D Systems. Jyothi was also a participant of innovative emerging space leaders crew mission at Mars Desert Research Station, with a mission to create and test capabilities to enable future human missions to Mars. She loves to create products that drive exponential curve of adoption and have a positive impact on humanity.

maiMai Nguyen

Mai’s interest in programming started way back when creating websites on GeoCities was a thing. Currently, she is a web developer at Fuzz Productions where she builds applications in various tech stacks. When she’s not at her keyboard, she can probably be found running, studying Vietnamese, or trying out a new recipe.

michaelcalvertMichael Calvert

Michael currently leads games evangelism at Sketchfab. He also creates games in his free time and organizes the Unity and Unreal Engine Meetups in New York City.

nicholasNicholas Kee

Born in the beautiful island of Jamaica, Nicholas has an innate gravitation towards creativity and innovation. Inquisitive about technology and everything cool, Nicholas taught himself computer programming at the age of 12. Since leaving high school, he delved head first into the startup world. He is now the cofounder and Executive Director of Next Gen Creators – a non-profit movement aimed at promoting millennial software development, design and tech entrepreneurship within the Caribbean and Latin America region.

raymondRaymond Chung

Raymond is a senior studying Computer Science & Education at Queen’s University in Canada. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, eating and trying new foods, and teaching. Raymond is heavily involved at his school and in the Kingston community. He is currently helping to organize a startup competition, as well as creating and designing free workshops to empower and encourage female professionals to code. In his spare time, he enjoys playing FIFA with his friends, and experimenting with new recipes.

scottstreetScott Street

Scott is a computer science student at Aston University in Birmingham, UK. Last year, he attended 14 hackathons, travelling all over the country and abroad, and getting to build some really cool projects with a ton of amazing people! In his spare time, he likes to collect and play with retro tech (ask him about his Game Boy collection).

thomasgoodmanThomas Goodman

Tom is a student at the University of Birmingham and a serial hackathon attendee. He thinks cats, penguins & poros are the cutest. Oh, and cake.

sampurnaSampurna Basu

Sampurna is a junior studying Computer Engineering at the University of Southern California. On campus, she’s an undergraduate researcher, the president of USC’s chapter of ACM, and an undergraduate TA in CS. On weekends, she’s a hacker and IoT enthusiast. Her fantasy invention would be caffeinated bubble tea.

albertburtAlbert Burt

Albert is a second year Web and Mobile Computing student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He’s passionate about technology, people, and how people use technology. He loves to learn new things, and believes that dissemination of our gifts is our sole purpose in this life.

andrewliAndrew Li

Andrew is a sophomore Computer Science major currently attending Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Additionally, he spent his summer interning at Synchronoss Technologies developing web and mobile apps as part of the R&D team. You can find him eating unhealthy takeout, playing Pokemon far too seriously, and masquerading as a “functional human being” when he’s not coding.

camilleramsurCamille Ramseur

Camille is a Master’s student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Entertainment Technology. She has a passion for computer graphics, computer animation, VR, and research. She hopes to one day take her background of programming and combine it with art and potentially work in the animation industry (think Pixar). Additionally, Camille is involved with societies such as National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, and Girls Who Code.

elanateeElana Tee

Elana is a senior at Fordham University studying Computer Science and Music. She’s passionate about inclusivity in tech and loves to teach others about the possibilities that come with learning to code. When she’s not snapchatting the cute dogs on the streets of NYC, she can be found longboarding along the East River or playing piano.

fatamaFatama Rahman

Fatama is a senior at Fordham College Lincoln Center double majoring in Computer Science & Visual Arts. She has only (very) recently gotten into coding and all things computer science, so she has been quite busy playing catch-up. Her ultimate goal is to become a project manager, but that’s many decades into the future! She loves doing henna tattoos, creating origami, and silent discos!

irenesuIrene Su

Irene is a sophomore studying Computer Science at the University of Maryland. She helps organize for both Bitcamp and Technica, the hackathons hosted at the University of Maryland, while being actively involved in the Association of Women in Computing and Terrapin Hackers. She loves attending hackathons, meeting other hackers, learning new skills, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams. In her free time when she’s not coding, Irene enjoys exploring new places (and yummy foods), singing, reading, and watching anime.

joshuaJoshua Lan

Josh is a senior at Ohio State University studying Computer Science and Engineering. He’s worried that his fingers will morph to his keyboard, even though he’s pretty sure that’s not possible. In his spare time, Josh likes going to hackathons, flipping through vinyl records, and trying to pet every dog.

leaLea Marolt Sonnenschein

Lea is an iOS Developer and Designer at Rent the Runway. She also writes about iOS, UX and UI at raywenderlich.com, teaches iOS classes at GA and volunteers for Girls Who Code. As a student she attended Grinnell College where she majored in Computer Science and Studio Art. She founded Grinnell AppDev, a student led mobile application development studio that’s still going strong, and initiated a yearly startup-weekend event, Pioneer Weekend. In her free time she plays piano, and tries to use code and technology to make art. Or she just doodles and listens to MIKA.

kathrynhodgeKathryn Hodge

Kathryn is a Computer Science major and Film minor in her last year at Vassar College. She went to Vassar not really knowing what she wanted to do, but took a computer science class on a whim. Now, she creates YouTube tutorials for people who want to learn how to code and attend as many hackathons as she can. She’s really interested in working on more projects involving Internet of Things and VR, but most of all, she wants to build things that make an impact.

marissaMarissa Goldberg

Marissa currently works remotely as a data engineer. Her experience involves a mixture of front-end web development, data visualization, and product management. She loves filling her time with learning and projects, her most recent being Aevrah, a lifestyle blog. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, participating in new coding courses, listening to podcasts and cuddling her two gorgeous cats.

nasirNasir Kasumu

Nasir is a Sophomore at Temple University Studying Comp Sci. He loves playing music and has an obsession with triplets. In his free time, he is looking into drone technology and coding hardware for the Temple University Robotics Team. He hopes one day to be a full stack dev and Bring OwlHacks back to Temple University.

nicholaswalshNicholas Walsh

Nick is a fifth year undergraduate at Stony Brook University studying Biomedical Engineering and Applied Math/Stats. Once a medical researcher and serial hacker, Nick is currently a technical evangelist for Wolfram Research and a coach/mentor for Major League Hacking where he gets to travel the world empowering the student developer community. When he’s not slaving over a hot keyboard, he can be found relaxing with his dog or eating copious amounts of delicious Korean barbecue.

stephanieStephanie Chang

Stephanie is a senior studying Computer Science, English Literature, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at UC Davis. She is passionate about code for social good, hackathons, and Red Bull. Dog (and cat!) spotting is her favorite sport and her dreams are to be a full-stack developer, write a novel, and have Nicki Minaj sign her forehead. Lucy Liu is her mom.

romuRomualdo De Leon II

Aldo is a student studying Computer Science at Fordham University. He was born in the Philippines and the first in his family to attend college in the US. He loves honing his coding skills, learning new languages and applications, and attending hackathons with friends. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, swimming, playing video games (especially Pokemon), and trying new places to eat. Whether it’s a hackathon or a Pokemon battle, Aldo is always ready for the challenge!

kellylampotangKelly Lampotang

Kelly’s preferred location is either a modern art museum or the ocean. Originally from Florida, she feels right at home in SoCal’s sunny weather at the University of Southern California where she studies Computer Engineering and Computer Science (with a photography minor!). She’s fascinated by sea creatures and loves the combination of art and tech. Voted “most hipster” by her dorm last year, she’s really into trying to be artsy, attending and/or planning hackathons, hiking, and traveling the world.

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