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Let's be real - 2016 was a weird year.

It’s safe to say that 2016 was, for a lot of people, a very shitty year. We lost a lot of good humans this year – Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Prince, Florence Henderson, Nancy Reagan … even goddamn Severus Snape and Princess Leia – that no amount of artificial intelligence can ever replicate (we would know). And the world turned upside down all across the globe.

But, if there’s a silver lining in this crazy, crazy year, we hope it’s the promise of machine learning and artificial intelligence. What excites us is the idea that developers all over the world are using our product to build a better and more inclusive, more just, more kind world for 2017 and beyond. Thanks for being the best developer community a startup could ask for!

360+ HACKS

Whether it was life-saving, world-changing, ground-breaking apps or punny projects, our developers built crazy, amazing things using the Clarifai API. 

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“We saw the Clarifai API and realized the possibilities were endless.” – creators of Pocket Hipster

100s of Businesses

This year, we supercharged hundreds of businesses and startups with AI, helping them go to market faster, scale quicker, and create better user experiences.

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We’ve been evaluating image recognition and learning for 3 years. The Clarifai team and product were always on the leading edge and with the release of their custom training and similar image API are now our solution of choice. With image recognition seeing is believing; we’ve benchmarked every service out there and we believe in Clarifai. – Peter Gerber, Chief Product Officer @ Architizer

v2 API

In 2016, we launched incredible products at a pace that has Usain Bolt jealous. From Custom Training to Visual Search to developer-friendly metered pricing to a sleek and intuitive UI, our new-and-improved API has the whole AI world talking!

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71 Champions

This year, we mentored two classes of Clarifai Champions to become better developers, technical writers, speakers, and evangelists. Many of them have already gone on to do great things - including work for us full-time!

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Causes We Supported in 2016


Did we also mention we raised a shit-ton (metric) of money to build the best machine learning products for developers? Thanks to you, our community, we're leading the charge in the AI revolution!

Here's wishing you a happy 2017, Clarifools!

Amazing gifs on this page by the talented James Curran!