Get inspired by these awesome apps built with Clarifai and get started with our API for free!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Shop the world around you with Intellivision’s augmented reality app

Do you ever walk down the street, see someone way cooler than you, and wonder where you can get the outfit they’re wearing? Wouldn’t it be neat if you could just look at them and know? Intellivision works with Google Glass and MYO band to give you a rich shopping experience based on what you see in the world around you.

Clarifai Featured Hack: Create color palettes from images with Hued

Hued is an app that recommends stylish color schemes based on images. Whether you’re looking for design inspiration or what the exact shade of beige is in your selfie (bisque, we're told), you’ll love seeing what this image-to-color palette generator comes up with!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Generate better song lyrics with SubWoofer

SubWoofer is an app that generates relevant lyrics for songs using image recognition and a library of song lyrics. You can add lyrics to lyric-less songs or you can generate better lyrics to accompany a song’s music video.

Building YUMMIFai: A recipe recommendation app powered by Clarifai’s Food Recognition model

Remember that Food Recognition model we released last week? Well, we wanted to build something fun to showcase the power of our technology so we created YUMMIFai, an Android app that lets you take a photo of your fridge (or any food, really) to get a relevant and appetizing recipe based on your pic.

Clarifai Featured Hack: Never let a reCAPTCHA question your humanity again

Google ReCAPTCHA Breaker does exactly what it sounds like - it helps you automatically solve those pesky reCAPTCHAs with image recognition from Clarifai. Never again will nine images bar the way to your online destination!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Explore the world through gestures and images with Iris

Iris is an application that helps people who can’t see experience vision in a new way, using gesture and image recognition to help blind people explore the world around them.

Building Pic2Trip: A Chrome extension for Clarifai and TripAdvisor

Behold! Pic2Trip, a Chrome extension combining the powers of Clarifai and TripAdvisor. Follow along with this easy Copy + Paste guide to learn how to make it yourself with Clarifai's new Travel model, or just download the extension to try the app!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Block unwanted nudity in blog comments with Disqus

Last month, our friends at Disqus hosted a two-day company hackathon where their internal teams battled it out for bragging rights and the chance to be on the product roadmap. We were totally stoked when one of their winning teams built a hack using Clarifai’s new Not Safe for Work (NSFW) nudity recognition model!

A copy and paste guide to your first API project – with Clarifai!

Follow along with our fun and simple copy-and-paste tutorial on how to build your first API project. This hands-on guide will help you learn more about how APIs work and what you can build with the Clarifai API!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Make any picture punny with PicAPun

PicAPun is an app that turns any image into a hilarious and groan-worthy pun. Like, if you submit a picture of a field of wheat, you’ll get back a quote about how ‘grainy’ it looks. Get it? So punny!

Clarifai Featured Hack: predicts your Myers-Briggs type based on your Instagram photos & videos is an app that predicts your Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality type based on your photos and videos. It also identifies your happiest photo and tells you whether you had an overall positive or negative year, so you can compare your actual feelings to the lies you’ve been telling on social media, hooray!

Bring Digital Asset Management (DAM) into the future with automatic image tagging and keywording

Digital Asset Management (DAM) applications need machine learning and visual recognition to be innovative and competitive in the market. Asset Bank is a leading DAM solution that uses Clarifai to auto-tag and keyword images, providing a better user experience and added value for their clients.