Get inspired by these awesome apps built with Clarifai and get started with our API for free!

Uncover buried stock photography treasure with automatic image tagging & keywording

Learn how Foap uses Clarifai to FOAP to suggest accurate and relevant tags to photographers who are uploading commercial images for sale, eliminating the need for manual keywording and moderation!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Make sweet music with your photos using Photoverse

Photoverse is a web application that turns images into music by recommending 8tracks playlists to fit the mood and feel of any photo. Time to find out the soundtrack to your life!

Introducing Clarifai Bounties – earn rewards and recognition with your hacks

Love the Clarifai API but stuck on what to build next? Take a look at our new Clarifai Bounties page, where we give away money, swag, and fleeting internet fame to people who complete our missions. Get inspired by our wacky prompts and show us your creativity!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Real Estate Genius tells you what your home is really worth

Real Estate Genius is an app that uses a ton of data to tell you how much a house (or apartment or abode or mansion or shack or hovel) is really worth. The results may surprise you!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Pocket Hipster, because you thought it was cool before everyone else

Pocket Hipster is a cheeky and hilarious app that generates hipster poetry for every image you feed it. Just put on your Warby Parkers, get a piping hot mug of free-range, farm-to-table, gluten-free, fairtrade coffee, and enjoy!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Find lost people with the Found app

Found is a webapp that acts as a smart “lost and found” for people. It’s is one of those apps that you always hope you never have to use, but you’re sure glad exists.

How StyleMePretty uses visual recognition to grow their business from publication to platform

With over 2.5 million images, including tens of thousands of user submissions every day, Stylemepretty needed a way to handle the constant flow of inbound images. Here's how they solved their problem with Clarifai!

How to tag, organize, and find photos on your iPhone with Forevery app

We designed the Forevery photo app to be intuitive and easy to use, but that doesn't mean we won't post some video tutorials for you anyway! Watch these two-minute video screencasts for a full walkthrough of our amazing app.

Clarifai Featured Hack: Automatically organize photos on your computer into different folders with ImgSort

While we’re hard at work making a desktop version of Forevery, we’ve had some eager developers hacking away at their own versions of a desktop photo organizer using Clarifai’s API.

We launched the Forevery Photo app a week ago … so now what?

Thank you all for downloading our Forevery Photo app - we're thrilled with the traction we're getting and can't wait to grow in 2016!

Clarifai Featured Hack: How to build an artificially intelligent, 3D-printed Lightsaber

What happens when you combine the power of Clarifai’s API with an accelerometer and a 3D-printed lightsaber? Find out how to build your own gesture-recognition lightsaber!

Meet Forevery, our new AI-powered mobile app for every photo in your camera roll

We're excited to announce the launch of Forevery, a new photo organization and sharing app powered by Clarifai's visual recognition platform.