Get inspired by these awesome apps built with Clarifai and get started with our API for free!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Describe the world to the vision-impaired with See

See is an accessibility app that uses your webcam to describe what’s happening in the room around you. This can be handy for the vision-impaired, who can better understand their surroundings through the descriptive app.

Clarifai Featured Hack: Trashifai is a smart trash can that auto-sorts recyclables

Trashifai is a smart trash can that takes the guesswork out of saving our environment. Using Clarifai’s Custom Training product, Trashifai learns about your trash and automatically sorts it into recyclables and non-recyclables.

Clarifai Featured Hack: Understand your carbon footprint with SaveUrPlanet

Everyone in the world can help stop climate change by reducing their individual carbon footprint. SaveUrPlanet is an app that analyzes your carbon footprint and gives you personalized tips to reduce your impact.

Clarifai Featured Hack: GSTR can teach you sign language using computer vision

GSTR (Gesture) is a web-based application that helps bridge the gap in non-verbal communication. Using Clarifai’s Custom Training technology, GSTR recognizes sign language from visual inputs and then gives feedback and translation information.

Clarifai Featured Hack: AutoTag is an automatic #hashtag generator for social media

If a social media post gets no likes, did it ever really happen at all? AutoTag is an app that will automatically generate #hashtags for you so you never have to go through the humiliation that is posting a pic and getting no likes. Not that we speak from experience or anything - we’re one of the popular kids!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Spectrum Navigator is a GPS app that helps people navigate by landmark

Spectrum Navigator is a GPS app aimed at improving the lives of the autistic community through visually-oriented navigation. Navigating by landmark is a more intuitive process than the traditional methods of text, number, and diagram-based alternatives.

Search images on Slack with Clarifai’s visual recognition technology

Our partners at Stamplay made a slick and easy way to integrate Clarifai's visual recognition technology with Slack, so you can search your images on Slack and use them to train your own custom visual recognition model - all without writing a single line of code!

How Architizer uses image recognition to unlock the potential of user-generated content

With user-generated content playing a large role in helping buyers connect with sellers on their platform, Architizer used Clarifai's visual recognition API to build a highly scalable system for exploring user-generated content. Using image recognition to power recommendations, Architizer increases user engagement and boost conversions in their online marketplace.

Clarifai Featured Hack: Make the perfect toast with Toastifai, an AI-powered toaster

Toastifai is an AI-powered toaster that uses Clarifai’s visual recognition API to produce the perfect piece of toast every time. Using Clarifai’s Custom Training, the Toastifai team trained a visual recognition model on photos of toast in different stages of toastiness and used the results to build “smart” toaster!

Test visual recognition models with Clarifai’s v2 API JavaScript starter

Clarifai's v2 API JavaScript starter is an easy way to help you visualize and test all of Clarifai’s public and alpha/beta models. We just released a new and improved version of our JavaScript starter on the interwebs, so keep reading for a short tutorial on how to use it!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Block unwanted content and browse the internet safely with Distill

Distill is a Google Chrome extension that creates a better internet experience by helping people browse the web safely and block unwanted images and text from their view. For example, this Valentine’s day, you might want to block all images related to romance, so you’re not constantly bombarded with reminders that you’re forever alone. Just sayin’.

Use Clarifai’s Face Detection model to find faces in images

Clarifai's new Face Detection model finds faces in images and returns bounding box location coordinates. This model is useful for security camera footage, photo filter apps, dating apps, digital photography, and more. Here's a copy + paste tutorial on how to use our Face Detection model and Javascript to build a fun face photo filter!