Remember that Food Recognition model we released last week? Well, we wanted to build something fun to showcase the power of our technology so we created YUMMIFai, an Android app that lets you take a photo of your fridge (or any food, really) to get a relevant and appetizing recipe based on your pic.

shirleyfaceHave you ever taken a picture of a delicious meal at a restaurant and wondered how you could make it on your own? Have you ever looked at your #basic cooking and dreamed that you could make something better with similar ingredients? Have you ever had problems deciding what to make for dinner, given that you only have a bottle of ketchup and two slices of stale bread in your fridge?

Well, I have. After too many nights spent eating ketchup sandwiches, I decided to use the Clarifai API to build YUMMIFai, an app that recommends recipes based on pictures!


With YUMMIFai, you first take a photo or select one from your gallery. The Clarifai API will then analyze the image and identify the food items present. Once food items are recognized, you can select one or more of them to get a recipe recommendation from Pinterest. Then, you can save the recipe and create a reminder in Calendar to make the meal at your desired time and date!

While this isn’t one of our traditional Copy + Paste guides, you can still create your own recipe recommendation app using the GitHub repo for YUMMIFai! And, if you’ve always wondered how to build an Android app with the Clarifai API, we have a Clarifai Java client and a Clarifai Android Starter. Get building!

YUMMIFai recommends recipes based on photos so I tried it on a cat pic cuz #theinternet. 🐱 #Clarifai #nomnomnom