Test out the Clarifai API with our beautiful new demo

Customers always tell us they’re blown away by the accuracy of the tags from our visual recognition API. So, we launched a new demo to give people an easy and eye-pleasing way to test the tags on any image or video! Play around with it and let us know what you think.

They say that seeing is believing, and we believe the best way for you to see what our technology can do is to try it yourself … with our brand new, clean & simple, bold & beautiful, smart & sexy demo!

Here’s what it look like before:


Not bad, but pretty basic, right? Here’s what it looks like now!


Our new demo adds a ton of new functionality in a sleek and user-friendly interface! 

Try multiple media files

You can now twerk work with multiple media files – our demo will save images you test in the same session so you can easily pull up previous results.


View and compare different recognition models

With the new demo, you can select which model(s) you want to run against your media and compare the results side-by-side. So, if you’re wondering what our Food model thinks of your selfie, here’s your chance! Spoiler alert: you look like a hamburger.


Set your own confidence levels

You can now set your own probability thresholds for predicted tags, so you get exactly the kind of results you want. The default probability for returned tags is 90% confident, but maybe you want to be 95% sure that the dog you just adopted is not actually a bear. Or, conversely, maybe you only need to be 50% sure because bears are freaking adorable. The choice is yours!


Choose from over 20 languages

Clarifai’s visual recognition model recognitions over 11,000 different concepts in over 20 different languages! Now, you can get a demo of our technology in any of these languages:


Be blown away by video recognition

Image recognition is cool, but video recognition will really blow your mind. Our new demo shows you which tags appear in which parts of a video – try it out!


Are you done reading about our demo? Do you just want to go ahead and try it? Head over to our demo page and test your own images and video!

Now available: the new official Clarifai JavaScript Client

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of our new official Clarifai JavaScript client. The new client works in both Node.js and the browser. You can require it by using npm or by using traditional script tags with the source hosted on our CDN.

With our new official Clarifai JavaScript client, we made it even easier for you to get up and running with Clarifai. Getting started with the client is super easy:

var Clarifai = require('clarifai');

  'clientId': 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID',
  'clientSecret': 'YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET’'

To get tags for an image, you can simply do this:


In addition to tags, you can also send feedback, get colors, view your usage, and more. The entire library is promise-based, but it also supports callbacks if that’s what you prefer.

With the release of our official Node.js client, we’d like to give a shoutout to David Mittelman for his effort to provide the community with a worthy JavaScript client stand-in while we pursued these efforts internally.  You can continue to follow his work at his personal website dbmittelman.com and his GitHub account ctartist621. Thanks David!

Explore our shiny new developer site & extra features

Earlier this month, we rolled out an all new Developer experience at https://developer.clarifai.com. If you’ve visited us recently, I think it’s safe to say you noticed. If not, this is your official invitation to do so right now!

What’s changed

First and foremost, we wanted to create a more pleasant and inviting hub for you, our customers. Our site is now easier to navigate – this means less clicking and less time trying to figure out where things are located, plus some shiny new documentation:


Features like selecting a plan, viewing account settings, and contacting us are now front and center:


We also wanted something a bit easier on the eyes. Believe it or not, we actually hired some designers around here!


Lastly, we made a lot of internal changes that will make it easier for us to update documentation when new features become available. We also made it dead simple to deploy the site – so simple that we actually don’t deploy it at all. We have robots that do it for us.

We hope you enjoy our new Developer experience. We view it as a foundation for bigger and better things. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, both positive and negative. Shoot us an email or tweet at us and let us know what you think!