Clarifai Featured Hack: Generate better song lyrics with SubWoofer

SubWoofer is an app that generates relevant lyrics for songs using image recognition and a library of song lyrics. You can add lyrics to lyric-less songs or you can generate better lyrics to accompany a song’s music video.

Building YUMMIFai: A recipe recommendation app powered by Clarifai’s Food Recognition model

Remember that Food Recognition model we released last week? Well, we wanted to build something fun to showcase the power of our technology so we created YUMMIFai, an Android app that lets you take a photo of your fridge (or any food, really) to get a relevant and appetizing recipe based on your pic.

Inside NYC’s first A.I. Hackathon, hosted by Clarifai x General Assembly

Last week, 150 developers gathered at General Assembly’s swanky Flatiron office to build, hack, and make creative, robot apocalypse-inducing, A.I.-based smart apps. 35 teams came together, and over 20 of them used the Clarifai image and video recognition API.

What food is this? Clarifai’s food recognition technology can tell you!

We’re excited to release our new Food Recognition model into the wild, so you can start building incredible (and tasty) apps that recognize over a thousand types of food down to the ingredient level!

Scale your GPU cloud infrastructure with Kubernetes

When Kubernetes 1.3 launched last month, we were excited to see our contribution to preliminary support for GPU scheduling become available to everyone. Find out why we’re so jazzed about Kubernetes, how we use it, our role in bringing it to the world, and where we’re headed next.

Simplify building NVIDIA GPU drivers on CoreOS

GPUs, CoreOS, and containers are three major ingredients behind Clarifai’s magic. Learn how we made it easier to mix them in our lab, with no safety goggles required. Look, ma, no spills!

Compete for glory and prizes at the Clarifai A.I. hackathon

Join us this Saturday, August 13th, for a day of merriment, hacking, and sweet prizes at the Clarifai x General Assembly AI hackathon. The hackathon theme is using AI to build something that will advance the inevitable robot apocalypse ... you know, the usual.

Test out the Clarifai API with our beautiful new demo

Customers always tell us they’re blown away by the accuracy of the tags from our visual recognition API. So, we launched a new demo to give people an easy and eye-pleasing way to test the tags on any image or video!

Applications for the next class of Clarifai Champions are now open!

We had such an amazing first class of Clarifai Champions, we just had to do it again. Our Clarifai Champions program teaches all the skills required to become a great technical evangelist - apply now for your chance to join the fall class of 2016!